About MEL

The names Marisa, MEL is my initials, I thought it was creative. I reside in NewYork, and work at DKNY, hopefully soon getting my degree in fashion/retail management! I was born in December so I am a Sagittarius and Im very independent, Im a tech geek and animal lover, and a bit of a free spirit.

At a very young age I took an interest in fashion and clothing. Always trying on my mothers clothes and shoes, ( which were way to big for me ) and her makeup, BRIGHT red lipstick and BLUE eyeshadow. I gave her a good laugh!

I struggled with my style identity for a long time, going through many phases, and out growing just as many. Just recently I found my true style and decided to share what I know and how I live with the world. I figured the best way to start was a BLOG.

Im excited to start writing and sharing with you guys, and hopefully building a community.

Thanks for your time & STAY STYLISH,

xo MEL



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