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11 Dec

Sorry for being so neglectful with my posts lately, this past week has been a crazy one and i haven’t had time or the creativity to write. My next post will be on Monday. Thanks for being patient !

xo, MEL


All Buttoned Up !

4 Dec

      Lately (on the web and in the magazines) Ive been seeing a lot of lovely winter jackets! Its that time of year where just a sweater wont cut it! unless you live where its always warm. Im still in the process of finding the right coat for this time of year so ive been doing some research and i found some coats that i love each with a different price tag, hoping i can appease everyone’s budget!

Check em out, 

Forever21 Puffy Coat, $42.90

Converse Outerwear @ Target , 59.99

Wool Blend Double Breasted Coat, $69.00

DKNY Empire Waist Coat, 295.00

Do you have a favorite?

xo, MEL

My Holiday Gift Guide

30 Nov

Buying gifts for your loved ones during the holiday can be a stressful and grueling task. So i figured i would post some ideas, and some sites that i trust for my holiday shopping!

  1. , is a great place to buy a gift and get it personalized how ever you want. They can engrave almost anything and the results are always amazing! I’ve purchased a “dog tag” from there and had it engraved for my boyfriend. I also purchased a metal guitar pick from a different source and brought it in to have it engraved, its always beautifully done and if you are a walk-in you can pick it up in less than 24 hours. Online orders depend on shipping terms.
  2. , Is another site where you can personalize whatever you buy, but they also have a larger selection of things to chose, from apparel and accessories, to home decor and toys, anything you want, they have.
  3. , For those gift givers that are Fashion Obsessed visit bluefly, they have everything you need to make sure your gifts are on-trend and totally FAB without breaking the bank!
  4. , is a place to buy gifts for that person who has literally everything, or are hard to buy for! Quirky, cute gifts for that person in your life who already seems to own everything. Its easy and convenient!

Baby Owl !

25 Nov

^^ The cutest baby owl i’ve ever seen !!

Check it out : )


24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you all have a great day. My plans for today are to spend time with my family and lovely boyfriend and eat a ton and then im off to work @ 11pm to 7am !

Sorry for not posting lately, ive been extremely busy and my netbook broke! 😦 I will start posting frequently very soon! So stay tuned for a peek at my new favorite shoes and a introduction video of myself ~

xo, MEL


17 Nov

Welcome to theMELreport, Im MEL !

If you haven’t already, check out my ABOUT MEL page to get an intro on who I am, and what my bog is about.

Im super excited to get started on my new Fashion Blog, and build a community!

Please stay tuned for my FIRST official post, and many more to come. If my site peaks your interest please don’t hesitate to follow ( On WordPress, Bloglovin’ or IFB if you are a member. The links are at the bottom of my page. )

If you have any comments or constructive feedback, you can leave a comment on a post or contact me at 

Thanks much, Look forward to hearing from you all

xo, Mel

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